Hello ... this is my first post, so i will make this post seriously :v
First, we know what is android... android is Operating system of smartphone, and this operating system are OPEN SOURCE, so we can build this OS with free.
        Android are uses on many smartphone, because this OS is friendly and easy to use. Example brand are uses this OS is Samsung Mobile, Samsung mobile are released from old OS to Newer OS.
Android are divided in some Version, that version are grouped on alfabetis, and name on every version is unique, because name of android version are get from food name.
example of android version name is donut, froyo/frozen yogurt, gingerbread, honeycomb, jellybean, icecream sandwich, kitkat, lollipop, marsmallow and other.
       System on Android is so sophisticathed, so we are very helped with released the Android Operating System, with android we can use good applications and games, exampe is we can edit the photo with many feature, we can browsing,chatting,upload and download with easy and many other.
Android usualy supplied with big screen (on new version), so we more easy to use it, on new version also usualy supplied with very good camera like a digital camera.
On high end smartphone different android, also stocked high class hardware part, example with water resistan part, gorrila glass screen, super amoled screen, high pixel screen and many other.

Are you know what is android now?
Are you android smartphone user?
Are you want to build your android now?

so, if you want to build up your android, please wait the next time, i will create step by step tutorial for build the android, so see you next time.....
BYE BYE.....