What is ROOT on Android and what the function

ROOT on Android and what the function

Root on Android
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           On this time, we will talk about root and what the function.
Root is basis, so root on android is basis directory of software, on root directory we can found cache,data,system,storage and other folder.
We as the regular user usualy can't see the root directory in android phone, because if we not know the functions of every folder or file-file on root directory we can damage the system/software on android phone, so the developer of android OS is closed the permission to access root directory for regular user.
But if we know function of every folder on root directory we can editing or add new feature on android system.
        So, in other word ROOT is permit to access the root directory on android software or system.
And the function is we can access the root directory with free and easy.
Are you understand now?
about root and the function?

But, on some android phone root is illegal so if you rooting on thats phone, you will loss the guarantee from store, maybe if you unroot thats phone you will get the guarantee back :v

Because i am is ignorant, i are don't care what the guarantee :v 
importan we are the happy,,,, we don't care the guarantee,,, because with root i can edit my android system from color till shape of my system, and caused i am have the root and building skill now i have sideline work.

SO , don't scared to root your android!

if you will rooting your android and you not know how to root it, you can see the tutorial how to root on next time....

SEE YOU Bye Bye.... :D 

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